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Realgy has Exceeded the Agreements of the Small Businesses Express Program Eight Months Early

PRESS RELEASE 12 september 2012 | By: Realgy, LLC

Back in May 2012 Gov. Malloy announced Realgy Energy Services as one of five Connecticut small businesses that had qualified for assistance through the state’s Small Business Express Program (EXP).

Today the President of Realgy Energy Services Michael Vrtis has announced that the West Hartford Company successfully exceeded the requirements eight months early. “Realgy has exceeded the agreements of the Small Business Express Program,” said Vrtis, “We have hired nine new employees as of August 2012 which far exceeds the original seven outlined in the agreement.”

Excerpt from the May 2012 CT Press Release “[Realgy] will retain 13 employees, and hire 7 new positions in the areas of customer service, energy brokerage, and information technology”

A grant of $59,500 was awarded to Realgy as part of the Small Business Express Program, combined with company funds of $309,800, to invest in employee training, computer equipment and software, marketing and contractual services.

Realgy Energy Services was founded in 1999 by individuals who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies and energy marketers. Within these organizations they saw the limitations of the systems and software. Today Realgy Energy Services is a retail energy marketer and wholesale energy provider in three deregulated states Michigan, Indiana and Illinois with plans to expand. Realgy has had a perfect record (certified A+) with the Better Business Bureau; since 2003 and has been recognized as an Inc 500 | 5000 company in 2011 and 2012

Realgy, LLC
Michael Vrtis
675 Oakwood Avenue
West Hartford, CT
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The power has already gone out a few times this summer, were you prepared?

Here are 10 power outage tips from Realgy Energy Services to help you prepare for the next time the lights go out.

1.    If you lose power, report the outage to your local utility

Many utility’s now have mobile apps that you can use to report your outage.

2.      Stay away from downed power lines and call 911 to report them

Always assume electric lines are live and treat them with caution and respect. Even low-voltage electric lines and cords can be hazardous if damaged or improperly handled.

3.      Set your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings before the storm hits

Be sure to return the settings to their normal position as soon as electricity has been restored.

Use Ice to keep your perishable food cold

4.      Get extra ice to help maintain the temperatures in your freezer and refrigerator during the outage

Use plastic bags filled with ice (or water, if you have enough time to freeze it) in the freezer. Use block ice, if possible, in the refrigerator. And should the ice melt, you can drink the water.

5.      Set aside water

Sanitize and fill spare containers with water for drinking. Fill your bathtub with water for use in the toilet. A bucket of water poured in the toilet bowl is all that’s needed for flushing.

6.      Be prepared to cook outside

It is possible that your stove will not work, so you may wish to use your backyard grill for cooking. Do not use your grill indoors, without proper ventilation it can be deadly.

7.      Stock up on batteries and easy-to-prepare food

Don’t forget flashlights (one for each person in your family), batteries and a manual can opener.

8.      Unplug sensitive equipment

Voltage irregularities can occur for any number of reasons during or after a storm, especially if there has been damage on or near your home. Unplug any sensitive electrical devices such as your television, DVD Player, stereo, microwave, computer, iPod, answering machine, and garage door opener to name just a few.

9.      Fill your car’s gas tank

It is important to fill your tank before a storm, since gas stations may not be operating during an outage.

Example of a “Lights out” kit

10.  Prepare a “lights out” kit

Your kit should contain a flashlight, battery-operated radio, fresh water, prescription medicine, prepared foods and any other items you may need when the lights go out. It’s also a good idea to have some extra cash on hand and to fully charge your mobile phone.

Before the power goes out again make sure you are prepared!


American Red Cross, Power Outage Checklist

FDA, Power Outages: Key Tips for Consumers About Food Safety


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Does your home have what it takes to be awarded the Silver Certificate for energy savings?

The homes of Georgene Jaback and Bob Woods of Joliet, and Janet Jaback of Elmwood Park did.

(Office of Will County Executive Larry Walsh, Handout / July 5, 2012)

The Joliet couple improved their 50-year-old home with air sealing in the attic, basement and perimeter walls and insulation on the attic floor and in the conditioned basement. Their upgrades will reduce their air leakage rate by 35 percent, according to a press release issued by Will County.

Check out the article Joliet homeowners receive silver certification for energy savings to find out how they did it.

And if you are looking for even more energy savings check out Realgy Energy Services Natural Gas and Electricity rates, and lower your energy bills in a few minutes.

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10 Reasons why you should not Budget Bill

Budget billing is a payment plan with your utility company to even out your monthly bills throughout the year. Although it sounds like a great idea, there are some disadvantages.

  1. Administrative fees – Some plans charge administrative fees which add to the total cost of your monthly bill.
  2. Fuel assistance – Low income customers who would normally qualify for fuel assistance to help with energy bills may not qualify if they use a budget billing plan.
  3. Balance due – If your energy bills for the year exceed your monthly payments, you will be required to pay the balance due. This defeats the purpose of budget billing and creates a real hardship for some customers on fixed incomes.
  4. May not be eligible – All budget billing plans are different but some may require a minimum 12 month billing history with the current utility company. If you recently moved to the area or have a bad credit history, you may not qualify.
  5. Strict payment rules – There is little patience for delinquent payments under most budget billing plans. Paying your bill late may result in being disqualified from the budget billing plan or having your power shut off.
  6. Quarterly adjustments – Some utility companies will adjust the monthly budget billing amount on a quarterly basis, so if you were planning your budget on a set amount for the full year be wary, it may change.
  7. May not get refunded – The hope is that if your payments exceed the amount of power used throughout the year that you will get a nice refund. Depending on your contract, that may not be the case.
  8. Moving – Depending on the timing and terms of your contract, there could be complications and extra fees if you plan on moving.
  9. Complicated contracts – Make sure you read the contract very carefully and understand all the terms and conditions.
  10. No Savings – While budget billing will even out your monthly bills you will still end up paying the same rate for your energy use as you would have if you were not signed up for budget billing.

The only way to truly lower your utility bills would be by enrolling with a Registered Energy Supplier like Realgy Energy Services. Check out Realgy Energy Services rates for June 2012 and see how much you could be saving

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Have you ever wondered just how that electricity got to your light bulb or microwave?

The electricity powering your light bulb is produced in a power plant by generators. Energy cannot be created or destroyed just changed from one form to another. Newly generated electricity is then transported over the power grid to your electrical outlet.

The United States has three power grids that keep the lower 48 states powered:

  • The Eastern Interconnected System east of the Rocky Mountains
  • The Western Interconnected System from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains
  • Texas Interconnected System

These three separate systems are interconnected and require constant oversight to ensure that all the components are linked together. Since large quantities of electricity cannot be stored effectively or efficiently, electricity must be produced as it is used, this increases the need to watch over the grid. Control centers are utilized to monitor the supply and demand to safeguard against blackouts. To avoid blackouts there must always be a perfect balance between supply and demand.

From the control centers electricity is constantly monitored as it travels from the power plants to high-voltage power lines that transport electricity throughout the three grids. The higher the voltage the more efficiently they transport electricity. In other words the higher the voltage the more electricity will get to the end point. However, there will always be losses as electricity flows through the power grid.

From the high voltage power lines the electricity is “stepped-down” to lower voltage power lines, utility poles and wires before it can be safely used in your home or office.

Do you know how much you are paying for the electricity you use?

Why not reduce your electricity rate with Realgy Energy Services. Give one of our Energy Brokers a call (877) 300-6747 or check out our website for more info


BoingBoing, Where electricity comes from

US Energy Information Administration, Energy In Brief, What is the electrical power grid, and what are some challenges it faces?

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4 Reasons why Natural Gas is So Cheap

1. Markets are Local

Natural gas from American wells is transported through pipelines on land across the US. Unlike oil which must be shipped in from overseas

2. Mild Winters

The mild winter of 2011 resulted in less demand for natural gas to heat homes, leaving suppliers with too much natural gas still in storage.

3. Fracking

Fracking has greatly increased the supplies of natural gas in America.


4. Lack of Consumer Demand

Only 19% of natural gas consumption in America is used by end consumers, 31% is used to create electricity in power plants and 28% is used in industrial settings.


Read the whole story at Investopedia

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Realgy Energy Services has qualified for the Connecticut Small Business Express Program

Last Thursday May 24, 2012 Governor Malloy announced that five Connecticut small businesses had qualified for assistance through the state’s Small Business Express Program. The program was created as a part of the Jobs Bill passed last year, to encourage Connecticut business expansion and job growth.

“I am very pleased to announce that Realgy Energy Services was one of the five Connecticut businesses that qualified for assistance under this bill.” Stated Michael Vrtis President of Realgy Energy Services “I would like to give credit to the state of Connecticut for making this program available. It is competitive to programs in other states and has encouraged Realgy Energy Services to stay in Connecticut and continue to grow and expand.”

Realgy Energy Services is combining company funds of $309,800 and a matching grant of $59,500 to invest in computer software and equipment, employee training, marketing and contractual services. Realgy will also hire 7 new employees, which will more than double the existing work force of 13.

“Realgy’s plan to increase its workforce by 50 percent with the help of this state grant is proof positive that Connecticut is committed to helping local businesses grow and thrive,” State Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford) said.

“This is the result of our jobs bill walking the talk,” State Representative Joe Verrengia (D-West Hartford) said. “Not only are we saving existing jobs in West Hartford, but we’re creating new jobs and providing the training and infrastructure to make these jobs last.”

Read the official Press Release from the State of Connecticut

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In response to “Fracking is Misunderstood”

Written by Michael Vrtis President of Realgy Energy Services in response to the Forbes article “Fracking Is Misunderstood, It’s The Key To Energy Self-Sufficiency”

This article articulates that the US should embrace fracking on the basis that it can lead to energy independence.  Given the free-trade mantra advocated for years if not decades I chuckle at the thought of independence in energy.

 So what does fracking mean to you and the US?

  • Fracking will evolve as a technique for extracting natural gas.
  • Its impact on the US cannot be understated; this is like finding a Saudi Arabian natural gas field in our backyard!
  • It has the potential to keep the US below the world market price for natural gas for decades to come (currently by almost $5.00 / Dth)
  • Manufacturing will return to the US to take advantage of lower energy costs
  • Air pollution will decrease in the Northeast US
  • The EPA will regulate the fracking fluid and will require ground water and aquifer monitoring; this is a responsible position and will prevent restricting the fracking technique

Instead of politician trying to seek energy independence I would like to see them embrace natural gas and encourage its use as a transportation fuel. This will reducing oil imports of which 60% is used as transportation fuel.

Forbes, “Fracking is Misunderstood, It’s the Key to Energy Self-Sufficiency”

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Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas in one of the safest energy sources available; it is non-toxic and has no odor in its natural form. Natural gas will not ignite by itself, but combined with air and a spark it will catch fire.

When not burned completely natural gas produces carbon monoxide (CO), which can cause flu-like symptoms including:

headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness or fatigue, burning eyes, confusion and loss of coordination

Over 10,000 people receive medical treatment and hundreds die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. In many cases, victims are aware they are not well, but become too disoriented to save themselves. Particularly vulnerable are pregnant women, small children, senior citizens and people with heart or respiratory problems.

It is always recommended to have a working CO detector in your home or business if you use natural gas as an energy source.

In its natural state natural gas has no smell, so your utility company adds a chemical odorant called methanethiol to help make natural gas leaks easier to detect. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s most likely not a well hidden Easter egg, but a natural gas leak, leave the building and call your Utility Company right away. You can find an emergency hotline on most utility invoices if there is not emergency number call the customer service number.

Learn more about Natural Gas Safety and Emergency Procedures:
Nipsco, Stay Safe “Natural Gas Leak Emergencies
Semco Energy, Safety and Emergency Information “Reporting a Gas Leak
DTE Energy, Safety “Natural Gas Safety
Citizens Gas, Safety “If You Smell Gas
Michigan Gas Utilities, “Emergency Procedures
Nicor Gas, Safety “Emergency Information
Consumers Energy, Safety “Gas Leaks and Safety Tips
Peoples Gas, Safety “Emergency Procedures
North Shore Gas, Safety “Emergency Procedures

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