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What happens if you receive an offer that appears to be for a lower price?

Competition is a powerful force. With energy offers, the price you are quoted is attached to terms and conditions. If the price is very low, it could come with terms and conditions that could drastically cost you more. Then again, it could be a new entrant trying to competitively win business. Either way; Realgy Energy Services offers you ServiceMatch™.

Buyer has the right to present all written offers to RES that provide pricing and terms for Service under the Program. RES will review the proposed terms and pricing from all qualified providers. If RES cannot offer better terms or pricing RES will at the end of the Term transfer Buyer, upon Buyer’s written request, to the new Service supplier. ServiceMatchTM is not valid when Buyer has entered into a Fixed Price Agreement with RES.


  • You have the right to seek the most competitive offers
  • We will demonstrate to you that we are lower or we will beat the offer
  • ServiceMatchTM is a benefit available with every Realgy Energy Service plan


  • Ask the energy marketer to send you a proposal
  • No additional fee; we will show you the cost(s) associate with the offer (in the terms and conditions)
  • Your choice to participate
  • Realgy Energy Service is not a one-time purchase, but consultation at every step