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ManagedPrice™ is Realgy Energy Services’ exclusive program where all customers in a buying pool receive the same price. Realgy will make purchasing decisions on behalf of the pool participants to provide a low cost of natural gas or electricity while reducing the negative effects of market volatility.

A Price Comparison will be provided that compares all the costs of the local utility serving your energy needs compared to all the costs for Realgy to supply the same energy.


  • Your energy price fluctuates, but not directly with the open market.
  • The Proposal Price Comparison is guaranteed to accurately illustrate the difference between the utility available service and Realgy Energy Services.
  • Your energy purchases are actively managed to secure a lower cost.


  • Enrollment in our exclusive PriceWatch™ service included in your Service Plan.
  • Switch to a Fixed Rate at any time without cost.
  • The natural gas energy price is publicly traded under several indexes and can be readily tracked.
  • Supplies are purchased based on industry standard, market-sensitive pricing indexes.
  • Guaranteed delivery of natural gas supplies, regardless of use.
  • You can measure savings over the contract term.