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Defining our company’s mission sets a monument which seeks to inspire actions within stated guidelines.

We serve retail customers by offering a superior combination of price, information and customer service for energy and energy services.

  • We sell using various communication efforts including fax, email, spreadsheets, applications, web sites, phone and text.
  •  What we sell, we service (plan, deliver, hedge, bill, explain and organize the information). We remain responsible for our customer’s energy, information and price.
  •  We will enable strategies that keep us one of the most efficient energy marketing companies competing.
  •  We will truthfully acknowledge our failures and successes and learn from each.

Our goal is to strive to align how the industry works (and our vendors) to our operation so we bring its capability to bear on creating competitive energy services to meet the market opportunities.

  • Our profit does not come at the expense of our customers, suppliers or agents.
  •  Our success is the result of teamwork with ongoing emphasis on collaboration and the contribution of individuals coordinated to bring out our best.

In striving to be the best energy marketer for each of our customers we will maintain our values and integrity.

  • Social responsibility is practiced and includes; charitable giving, profit sharing amongst all contributors, living wages, progressive benefits and a healthy work place.
  •  Employees must be supported to excel, be heard and seen in offering contributions and be given an opportunity to bring new knowledge and skills for improving performance.
  • Management will plan, adapt to growth and changing needs and do so without jeopardizing our goals.  Management will hold itself accountable first before addressing others.

Our actions, not just our words will define us as we remain accountable for both.

This living mission statement will encapsulate our goals, ideals and business and will be updated to always do so.

In defining what we are, let’s be mindful of what Realgy is not.

  • We are not a sales or marketing entity that entices customers to call (or signup) under false or misleading circumstances.
  • We are not a shop of subject-matter experts with marketing prowess that is controlled through Information Technology.
  • Our practice of social responsibility is not social welfare. We recognize times of need, but we will not enable an individual to take advantage of the whole.