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With the advice and guidance offered by Realgy Energy Services PriceWatchTM, you can set a future target price for natural gas that fits your budget. We will watch the market prices. When your target price is reached, you can instruct us to fix your remaining usage or call you to discuss your options.

PriceWatch™ utilizes our proprietary trading and computer services. It is designed to send out alerts when fixed pricing is such that it can reduce costs over the recommended time (2-24 months), keep within budget, or reach a targeted price for service with the designated time period (1-24 months).


  • Lock in your energy price for a fixed period of time.
  • The PriceWatchTM Service Plan blends the seasonal prices based upon your energy consumption during the winter and summer seasons.
  • The Proposal Price Comparison is guaranteed to accurately illustrate the difference between the utility available service and Realgy Energy Services.


  • We monitor the market and recommend pricing
  • No additional fee
  • Your choice to participate
  • Protection against rapid winter price increases
  • Not a one-time purchase, but proactive consultation