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MarketPrice™ is Realgy Energy Services’ exclusive program where all customers in a buying pool receive the same price. It’s a service for both power (electricity) and natural gas service.

A Price Comparison is published for each utility service that compares all the costs of the local utility serving your energy needs as compared to all the costs for Realgy to supply the same energy.

As an energy marketer Realgy makes purchases in the wholesale markets to supply our expected customers’ forecasted energy need. Realgy’s purchase decision along with each utility’s defined balancing and settlement requirements make up our costs. Realgy adds a variable management fee for our services which is capped at 10% of the 12-month rolling average. See each utility Service Agreement for complete details.

MarketPriceTM makes purchases for all the active customers that will receive service for the delivery month. The price includes all normal and customary charges to supply service for our customers. In the event of a Service Interruption or emergency event (Utility declared emergency, Polar Vortex, etc.) those costs will be charged to Buyer at RES costs (Service Interruptions). Service Interruption costs may be forecasted and are subject to Settlement. In accordance with Invoicing, Service Interruption costs will be included in Customer’s invoice.


  • Includes energy purchases that fluctuate based on the wholesale market; market pricing is volatile. And, a fixed price energy purchase that is not subject to market volatility.
  • We publish our supply costs and pricing comparison so you can make an informed decision about your energy supply.
  • Your energy purchases are actively managed to secure a lower cost.


  • Enrollment in our exclusive PriceWatch™ service included in your Service Plan.
  • Switch to a Fixed Rate at any time without cost.
  • The natural gas energy price is publicly traded under several indexes and can be readily tracked.
  • Supplies are purchased based on industry standard, market-sensitive pricing indexes.
  • Guaranteed delivery of natural gas supplies, regardless of use.
  • You can measure the difference between Realgy and the utility default service over the contract term.