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Fixed pricing assists you in managing your budget through the comfort of price protection. By locking in your energy costs with Realgy Energy Service’s Fixed Price Service Plan, your gas pricing won’t be impacted by changes in weather or unpredictable demand. You’ll know exactly what rate you’re paying each month regardless of any changes in natural gas market prices.

In a Fixed Price Service Plan your energy price will remain a fixed price over your contract period.

A Price Comparison, will be provided that compares all the costs of the local utility serving your energy needs compared to all the costs for Realgy to supply the same energy.


  • Lock in your energy price.
  • The Fixed Price Service Plan blends the seasonal prices based upon your energy consumption during the winter and summer seasons.
  • The Proposal Price Comparison is guaranteed to accurately illustrate the difference between the utility available service and Realgy Energy Services.
  • Choice of usage type (Fixed or Open) based upon your expected usage and forecast of market conditions. With either choice, your usage changes will not result in penalty charges.


  • Commodity signals are increasing or showing signs of strength.
  • You want to lock in today’s energy price. Your natural gas consumption is mostly used for heating or occurs during the winter season.