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While others can sell you gas, only Realgy Energy Services can Guarantee Savings.

With the Realgy Energy Services Guaranteed Savings service plan, your business’ cost of gas will never be more than the utilities cost of service. No long term contract, nothing complicated, an easy decision that will save you money.

The Guaranteed Savings Service Plan is usually selected in order to start saving money right now without any long term commitment. Over time, our Guaranteed Savings customers learn how Realgy Energy Services can provide greater flexibility in serving their natural gas. For instance, converting to a Fixed Price for the winter heating season can provide protection against short term price spikes.

You will be provided a Savings Report. The Savings Report will compare all the costs of the local utility serving your natural gas needs to all the costs for Realgy Energy Services to supply the same natural gas. You are shown the difference between the local utility and Realgy Energy Services. Your energy price will fluctuate directly with that of the futures or index gas market. Realgy Energy Services acts as your agent to purchase your energy needs at favorable market conditions. After 24 months of service, Realgy Energy Services will have delivered no less than the Guaranteed Savings amount.


  • Your energy price fluctuates with the local price of natural gas.
  • The Savings Analysis is guaranteed to accurately illustrate the difference between the utility available service and Realgy Energy Services.
  • Your energy purchases are actively managed by Realgy Energy Services


  • Enrollment in our exclusive PriceWatch™ service included in your Service Plan. Switch to a Fixed Rate at any time without cost.
  • Realgy Energy Services shows you the utility’s price of service and ours; all the costs are shown. Your savings are to the bottom line.
  • Your energy costs are verifiable and completely documented.
  • On-line access to your account information.