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Realgy Energy Services is a third party supplier of electricity and natural gas. We serve over ten utilities within three states; Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.  Realgy Energy Services Service Areas.

Realgy is able to offer low monthly variable rates by purchasing natural gas and electricity every day in the wholesale market.

Realgy, a full-service marketer, will blend fixed and spot or index-variable pricing to obtain the best overall pricing solution. This pricing approach requires more time, attention, and expertise. This is the difference you enjoy with the Realgy Energy Services CHOICE program.

No*. You will continue to receive just one bill from your local utility. The bill will include your energy supply charges from Realgy, any charges for delivery and maintenance from your utility, as well as all state and government taxes.

*If you are in the Westfield, IN area or are a MidAmerican Customer, you will receive a second bill from Realgy for your gas or electric supply charges. You will receive your normal utility bill for your delivery/distribution charges.

Your local utility will determine the exact switch date, but it could take anywhere from ten to thirty-six days depending on your utility.

Yes, after enrolling with Realgy, you will receive a Welcome Letter within 10 business days.

If it has been longer than two weeks and you still have not received your Welcome Letter, please contact Customer Service at (877)-300-6747 x1000.

Since your local utility determines the exact date of the switch Realgy will not be able to notify our customers when the switch takes place.

No, Realgy does not require a deposit to switch.

Some of the Realgy service plans may include a small monthly fee; you can find this information listed on the Service Plans page.

Realgy recommends contacting your local utility to confirm whether this option will remain available after you switch.

While Realgy does not offer budget billing, many customers base their yearly budget on what they paid for gas or electricity last year. Realgy can help you reach or beat your target budget by actively planning an effective energy strategy for your organization. We excel in this area of cost planning with our customers.

Your local utility will continue to service all electric and gas lines and any meters on your property.  To report a gas leak, service interruption or downed power line, please contact your utility.

The early termination fee is $80. There is no fee to cancel at the end of your term.

All Realgy natural gas and electric contract terms are twenty-four months unless otherwise noted in your agreement. All Realgy contract terms end in April; when Natural Gas Storage starts.  Your contract will automatically renew* for another twelve-month period if we do not hear from you prior to April 1st.

For example, if you sign up with Realgy on June 1, 2011, your contact will be until April 1, 2014, comprised of twenty-four months to June 1, 2013 and then to the next April which would be April 1, 2014.

*Michigan contracts do not automatically renew.

If you just enrolled with Realgy and have not signed a Fixed Price Amendment to your contract, you are on a variable rate. This means it not only changes every month but also every day.

Not always, many “CHOICE” marketers lock customers into a fixed price at the market peak, but not Realgy. Realgy offers our customers a service called PriceWatchTM.  If we feel that a fixed price will reduce your energy costs over a recommend period of time, the PriceWatchTM service will send out an alert to lock into a fixed price for a given period of time.

You do have a contract, if you signed up for Realgy over the phone; you verbally signed an Electronic Service Agreement or TPV. The TPV is recorded and saved as a voice file, this is your contract.

If you did not enroll over the phone, you have a paper contact that you signed and returned to Realgy, this is your contract.

All the terms and conditions of your contract are located either on your contract or on the Service Plans page by Utility