PRESS RELEASE 12 september 2012 | By: Realgy, LLC

Back in May 2012 Gov. Malloy announced Realgy Energy Services as one of five Connecticut small businesses that had qualified for assistance through the state’s Small Business Express Program (EXP).

Today the President of Realgy Energy Services Michael Vrtis has announced that the West Hartford Company successfully exceeded the requirements eight months early. “Realgy has exceeded the agreements of the Small Business Express Program,” said Vrtis, “We have hired nine new employees as of August 2012 which far exceeds the original seven outlined in the agreement.”

Excerpt from the May 2012 CT Press Release “[Realgy] will retain 13 employees, and hire 7 new positions in the areas of customer service, energy brokerage, and information technology”

A grant of $59,500 was awarded to Realgy as part of the Small Business Express Program, combined with company funds of $309,800, to invest in employee training, computer equipment and software, marketing and contractual services.

Realgy Energy Services was founded in 1999 by individuals who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies and energy marketers. Within these organizations they saw the limitations of the systems and software. Today Realgy Energy Services is a retail energy marketer and wholesale energy provider in three deregulated states Michigan, Indiana and Illinois with plans to expand. Realgy has had a perfect record (certified A+) with the Better Business Bureau; since 2003 and has been recognized as an Inc 500 | 5000 company in 2011 and 2012

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