Last Thursday May 24, 2012 Governor Malloy announced that five Connecticut small businesses had qualified for assistance through the state’s Small Business Express Program. The program was created as a part of the Jobs Bill passed last year, to encourage Connecticut business expansion and job growth.

“I am very pleased to announce that Realgy Energy Services was one of the five Connecticut businesses that qualified for assistance under this bill.” Stated Michael Vrtis President of Realgy Energy Services “I would like to give credit to the state of Connecticut for making this program available. It is competitive to programs in other states and has encouraged Realgy Energy Services to stay in Connecticut and continue to grow and expand.”

Realgy Energy Services is combining company funds of $309,800 and a matching grant of $59,500 to invest in computer software and equipment, employee training, marketing and contractual services. Realgy will also hire 7 new employees, which will more than double the existing work force of 13.

“Realgy’s plan to increase its workforce by 50 percent with the help of this state grant is proof positive that Connecticut is committed to helping local businesses grow and thrive,” State Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford) said.

“This is the result of our jobs bill walking the talk,” State Representative Joe Verrengia (D-West Hartford) said. “Not only are we saving existing jobs in West Hartford, but we’re creating new jobs and providing the training and infrastructure to make these jobs last.”

Read the official Press Release from the State of Connecticut