12 JUNE 2019 | By: Realgy, LLC

Midwest Groundcovers, LLC solar array installation at St. Charles facility increases their existing system.

Realgy, LLC announced today the completion of their newest solar photovoltaic (PV) system consisting of 325 Watts at Midwest Groundcovers, LLC. Their 240-Watt system installed 8 years ago underwent a complete overhaul. Midwest Groundcovers is the leading wholesale container nursery in the tri-state area.

The rooftop PV system was installed on the maintenance building and is part of the 96-acre site of Midwest Groundcovers’ facility located in St. Charles, Illinois.  Stan Schumacher, Vice President of Midwest Groundcovers said “We are glad to continue our partnership with Realgy Energy Services to expand our Solar PV System by 25% and upgrade the existing telemetry and inverters to increase the solar PV’s efficiency.  The additional panels and upgrade should increase our cost savings by 33% by reducing our usage charges and distribution charges.”

Eco Solar Solutions, LLC of Illinois installed the addition. The project is the second Realgy collaboration this year with Eco Solar in Illinois. According to Terrence Black, Vice President of Eco Solar Solutions, “Upgrading Midwest Groundcovers’ solar system allowed us to maximize the amount of solar production at this location. The overall performance has improved and the savings from avoiding delivery costs went up as well. We also helped lower their costs and carbon footprint.”

Realgy, LLC is an alternative energy service supplier in Illinois and is the owner of the PV system. They paid for the project and continue to supply the property’s electricity. Midwest Groundcovers was selected for the original installation to generate renewable energy locally as part of Realgy’s sustainable commitment.

Midwest Groundcovers’ solar array will produce over 100,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually and more than 2.5 million kWh over the next 25 years. That’s enough energy to power about 9 average U.S. homes annually. Beyond the economic value are the environmental and health benefits associated with the PV system such as:

  1. Reduction of 136 tons of coal burned each year to produce an equal amount of electricity. That’s the same as getting 272 pickup trucks of coal off the road.
  1. Substituting the use of coal means the removal of 1.76 million lbs. of CO2 into the environment each year. That’s the equivalent of planting over 5,400 trees.

“To be asked to reinvest in an existing project after several years is always gratifying. We are excited to contribute to Midwest Groundcovers’ increase of green energy production,” said Michael Vrtis, President of Realgy.



Midwest Groundcovers

Stan Schumacher, Vice President

6N800 Route 25

St. Charles, Illinois


Eco Solar Solutions, LLC

Paul Szczesny, President



Realgy, LLC

Michael Vrtis, President

675 Oakwood Avenue

West Hartford, CT