Previously commended for safe practices, our sales agents have been excelling despite Covid-19 restrictions. The end of 2020 saw an increase in sales with our representatives exceeding their goals. Through an incentive program titled “Christmas Cookie”, targets were met by multiple team members. If the team member hit the target, they received a “cookie” in the form of a check. If they exceeded the target, they received an even bigger “cookie”. We had 2 recipients of the “Big Cookie” and 3 received the “Small Cookie” prizes. In true holiday spirit and to their surprise, all members received a small “cookie”  for working a full schedule after the contest reached completion. A similar incentive was created for the week of New Year’s and we had the same outcome of agents reaching their targets. We are off to a good start in 2021 and wish everyone the same. Happy New Year!

Realgy Energy Services is a registered Retail Energy Marketer in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We offer Service Plans that will provide electric and natural gas at wholesale pricing direct to customers without any utility markup. Our Service Plans work with the local utility to provide seamless service and annual energy savings. Service Plans include Guaranteed SavingsTM, ManagedPriceTM, ManagedGreenTM Index, Fixed and PriceAssuranceTM.

Realgy owns and operates 7 solar plants in Illinois and is looking to invest in additional locations.