It takes wind to fly a kite, so why not attach a windmill and generate electricity?

This seems to be the thought process. The business plan is to be able to deploy these energy generating devices (an energy kite) where traditional windmill-based turbines would be impractical; such as in the deep ocean, after powerful storms disrupt power, etc.

The energy kite is launched from a ground station using rotors as helicopter blades until it reaches 800 ft above ground. Once airborne, the system generates power by flying in large circles high up where the wind is stronger and more consistent. Rotors mounted on kite wings drive generators that produce electricity. A strong conductive tether acts like a kite string and carries energy back to the grid. The kite’s flight path is guided by a computer which uses GPS and sensors to make thousands of calculations and adjustments in strong and steady winds.

The idea is phenomenal and hopefully the business plan will follow. By the way – it’s backed by Alphabet (Google’s parent company).

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