There are many ways to measure growth such as this table showing how wind energy went from near 0% to over 7% in less than 9 years.

During that same time, coal declined by half as solar increased by 2%.

During this period, US electric consumption increased by 10%.

If you have followed any technology over the last several years, you are aware that natural gas and solar use has increased but wind is the real story.

Wind energy is the least costly energy source in the US. This fact is not a political statement but can be verified by any US utility that sought competitive bids for energy supply in the last 9 years.

The forecast is more of the same. This shift in energy production occurred without tapping the largest wind energy resource utilized by Asia and Europe: off-shore wind.

Wind energy requires jobs. For every loss of a coal job, at least 1.5 jobs were added in wind and clean energy. However, job losses and gains were typically not in the same areas.

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