In areas where solar energy contributes a large percentage of electricity, it is expected that certain weather patterns or natural phenomena’s such as a solar eclipse will affect the power grid. With Monday’s total solar eclipse in the US, system operators furthered their understanding of production interruptions. Despite the decline in output, it did not cause a major disruption to the network. Luckily, other power plants such as gas-fired and hydro overcompensated for the loss.  We have more work to do with creating resilient networks that operate seamlessly but, being able to avoid a blackout is a step in the right direction.

Realgy Energy Services is a registered Retail Energy Marketer in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. We offer Service Plans that will provide electric and natural gas at wholesale pricing direct to customers without any utility markup. Our Service Plans work with the local utility to provide seamless service and annual energy savings. Service Plans include Guaranteed SavingsTM, ManagedPriceTM, ManagedGreenTM Index, Fixed and PriceAssuranceTM.

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