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Michigan Gas Costs—set to increase dramatically

With Consumers Energy approval for their “extraordinary rate cost recovery” the other Michigan utilities have quickly followed. Consumers’ June cost is $5.597, compared to Realgy’s price at $5.240 or a savings of $0.357/MCF. Consumers Energy has been approved to charge this cost until April 2015.

money gas

Recent filing to the MPSC discloses the following:


The current price in June is $4.24/MCF. In their U-17332 filings it looks like they are requesting an increase to $5.32 effective August 1.


The current price in June is $4.71/MCF. In their U-17331 filings it looks like they are requesting and have been approved for an increase to $5.278 effective the first cycle following the date of the order, June 6.


The current price in June is $4.62/MCF. In their U-17333 filings it looks like they are requesting an increase to $5.7525 effective July 1.

The full documents are available at:

Realgy Energy Services is significantly less than the utility service. Additional information is available at; www.realgyenergyservices/michigan


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The City of Northville has accepted a bid from Realgy Energy Services to supply natural gas

PRESS RELEASE 17 MAY 2013 | By: Realgy, LLC

Realgy Energy Services has won a bid to supply the City of Northville with natural gas through the Michigan utility Consumers Energy.

Northville, MI

On Monday May 6th the City Council of Northville approved a bid placed by Realgy Energy Services to supply natural gas to the city. Realgy Energy Services out bid two other competing companies for the right to supply the city with natural gas.

The City of Northville started exploring the possibility of finding a lower cost alternative gas supplier in April. The City Council sent a request for proposals to seven alternative gas suppliers, all licensed with the Michigan Public Service Commission and also certified to operate in the Consumers Energy territory.

Out of the seven alternative gas suppliers, the top three were Options Utility Consulting, Xoom Energy, and Realgy Energy Services. By contracting with Realgy Energy Services, the City of Northville will save approximately 19% or $7,592.70 per year, based on their usage from last year and an average cost of $4.03/MCF. Realgy Energy Services will provide natural gas to the City of Northville, city employees and city employee family members for the term of the contract.

Realgy Energy Services is comprised of a group of people who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies, and energy marketers. Within these organizations, they saw the limitations of the systems and software and decided they could provide a more efficient service. First formed in 1999, Realgy Energy Services today is a retail energy marketer and wholesale energy provider in three deregulated states, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois with plans to expand. Realgy has had a perfect record (certified A+) with the Better Business Bureau; since 2003 and has been recognized as an Inc 500 | 5000 company in 2011 and 2012.


Realgy, LLC
Michael Vrtis
675 Oakwood Avenue
West Hartford, CT

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For all our natural gas and electric customers not currently on a fixed price, Realgy offers ServiceMatchTM as follows:

ServiceMatchTMBuyer has the right to present all written offers to RES that provide pricing and terms for service under the Program. RES will match the proposed terms and pricing from all qualified electric or natural gas service providers. If RES cannot offer better terms or pricing or match the same terms and pricing, RES will transfer Buyer to the new electric or natural gas supplier upon Buyer’s written request at the end of the Term. ServiceMatchTM is not valid when Buyer has a Fixed Price.


Please be aware that ServiceMatchTM is not a new service.

Realgy offers this and other services including but not limited to PriceWatchTM and natural gas storage, to all our eligible customers.

If you have any questions regarding ServiceMatchTM, fixed prices, or the end of your current Term, contact a Realgy Energy Services customer service representative at 860-300-6747.

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Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas in one of the safest energy sources available; it is non-toxic and has no odor in its natural form. Natural gas will not ignite by itself, but combined with air and a spark it will catch fire.

When not burned completely natural gas produces carbon monoxide (CO), which can cause flu-like symptoms including:

headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness or fatigue, burning eyes, confusion and loss of coordination

Over 10,000 people receive medical treatment and hundreds die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. In many cases, victims are aware they are not well, but become too disoriented to save themselves. Particularly vulnerable are pregnant women, small children, senior citizens and people with heart or respiratory problems.

It is always recommended to have a working CO detector in your home or business if you use natural gas as an energy source.

In its natural state natural gas has no smell, so your utility company adds a chemical odorant called methanethiol to help make natural gas leaks easier to detect. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s most likely not a well hidden Easter egg, but a natural gas leak, leave the building and call your Utility Company right away. You can find an emergency hotline on most utility invoices if there is not emergency number call the customer service number.

Learn more about Natural Gas Safety and Emergency Procedures:
Nipsco, Stay Safe “Natural Gas Leak Emergencies
Semco Energy, Safety and Emergency Information “Reporting a Gas Leak
DTE Energy, Safety “Natural Gas Safety
Citizens Gas, Safety “If You Smell Gas
Michigan Gas Utilities, “Emergency Procedures
Nicor Gas, Safety “Emergency Information
Consumers Energy, Safety “Gas Leaks and Safety Tips
Peoples Gas, Safety “Emergency Procedures
North Shore Gas, Safety “Emergency Procedures

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Does your Utility offer Energy Incentives?

Most Utilities offer energy incentives and rebates to their customers for making efficient upgrades in their lives. This could mean purchasing new energy-efficient products, making energy-efficient home improvements, or even recycling old appliances, such as refrigerators, which could be costing you an extra $150 a year.

Some utilities, like ComEd in Illinois, offer refrigerator and freezer recycling to their residential customers. ComEd will give you $50 for each working unit, and the best part is that they will pick up for free.

Consumers Energy in Michigan offers a wide range of rebates and incentives to both Commercial and Residential customers. This includes rebates for the purchase for CFL or LED lights, water heaters and Energy Star appliances. Just be sure to fill out the correct rebate forms, which are all available on the Consumers Energy website.

The State of Indiana has even created a multi-utility energy efficiency initiative called Energizing Indiana. The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, participating Indiana utilities and consumer organizations, have created Energizing Indiana to bring savings to Indiana residents. Some of the programs offered by Energizing Indiana include instant savings on CFL bulbs, free in-home energy audits and energy efficiency education.

Citizens Gas in Indiana offers rebates to existing customers for purchasing efficient natural gas furnaces, water heaters boilers and programmable thermostats. Citizens Gas is also offering rebates to customers who convert their old furnace or water heater to natural gas. For a natural gas water heater conversion they are offering $400. The rebate form is also available on their website.

Michigan Gas Utilities and SEMCO are among a handful of Utilities in Michigan that have partnered with the Michigan Public Service Commission to create Energy United. Energy United provides rebates and programs to help local residents reduce their energy use and achieve cost savings. Programs include Residential HVAC rebates, online home energy audits and low-income energy efficiency assistance, to name just a few.

These are just a few utilities and organizations that offer incentives and rebates for creating energy-efficient homes and businesses. Be sure to check your local utility website for more information on programs they may offer.

Learn more about Rebates and Incentives Programs

ComEd Rebates and Incentives

Consumers Energy Rebates and Incentives

Citizens Gas Rebates and Incentives

Energizing Indiana

Efficiency United

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