Realgy will be transferring all its Michigan customers to Michigan Natural Gas


After 18 years, Realgy is transitioning all Consumers, DTE, MGU, and Semco customers to Michigan Natural Gas (MNG). The transition means your agreement will not change. MNG will serve your account exactly as Realgy has. The only change you should notice is Realgy will be replaced by MNG on your utility bill. MNG will be in contact with you to assure you of continued service. Please see an example of their letter to you here.

Realgy will continue to serve customers in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio without interruption or change.

Why is Realgy leaving Consumers, DTE, MGU, and Semco as a natural gas supplier? Realgy decided not to renew our supplier agreement due to a disagreement with the MPSC, Michigan’s regulatory agency. The MPSC failed to make Michigan open to competitive energy suppliers. Thereby, we have chosen to affect a transition.

We are proud of our service in Michigan and will continue to respond to any inquiries you may have regarding your account(s) we served. MNG is very similar to Realgy and will strive to provide complete service for your account and maintain the benefits you have come to expect from Realgy.

Your last bill with Realgy will occur in November. Starting in December 2022, MNG will be your gas supplier. Again, your service agreement you had with Realgy will remain the same under MNG. For your convenience, here is the contact information to reach us:

Realgy Energy Services |  877-300-6747

Online Chat |

Michigan Natural Gas |  888-988-MICH (6424)

Website |