Written by Michael Vrtis, President of Realgy Energy Services in response to Crain’s article “How ComEd’s rate design benefits suburbs over the city

ComEd is one member of a larger group of utilities called PJM. Each utility that makes up the power pool of PJM sets how its own method of collecting the costs of running the power plants and transmission lines. This makes the PJM pool a low-cost producer with great reliability.

PJM has notified its members (who voted for it years ago) about his change.

ComEd can allocate capacity costs in any manner it wishes; however, ComEd chooses not to change its collection approach which has stayed the same for more than 20 years.

ComEd doesn’t need smart meters to make this change, it needs smarter policy.

Allocating capacity based on aggregate demand of the load center serving a municipality is possible as well as more equitable than the broad and out-dated policy of ComEd.

Realgy already operates under PJM capacity allocation rules and we will continue to be the residential and business choice where energy is all about price, information, and service.

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