Standby or vampire power as it is most commonly referred to, wastes $10 Billion of Electricity Annually in the United States alone. The average US household has about 40 electronic devices that constantly draw small amounts of power.

Top 10 Energy Vampires in Your home

  1. Laptop computer chargers
  2. answering and machines
  3. Computer  printer
  4. TVs and cable boxes,
  5. VCRs, DVD players, DVD recorders, digital video recorders,
  6. phone and iPod chargers
  7. hubs and routers,
  8. video camera battery charger
  9. plugged-in electric toys
  10. night lights

Check out the Vampire Power Sucks website for tip on how to reduce vampire power. 

Edit: January 2013 this website is no longer available. If you would like to learn more about Vampire Energy check out the Energy Star site:

Energy Star, Standby Power and Energy Vampires