I have experienced it, perhaps you have…your computer screen goes blank and it instructs you to call a number to get your data back.

Now imagine it on the electric grid.

A “disruption” or hack of the US grid occurred and was attributed to a basic web hack; bombarding a website with clicks. Unlike overseas, this disruption did not cause anyone to lose power… yet. Everyday the US consumes several trillion dollars worth of electricity. Any disruption would be consequential.

The federal government must stay engaged in maintaining world standards of business conduct . Utilities can and do take steps to safeguard the grid. However, unlike concluding a foreign government attempted to influence our elections, a foreign government causing a power outage would undoubtedly be an act of war.

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Additional Information: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/the-cybersecurity-202/2019/05/06/the-cybersecurity-202-a-cyberattack-just-disrupted-grid-operations-in-the-u-s-but-it-could-have-been-far-worse/5ccf61eda7a0a46cfe152c3e/