Illinois continues to use legislation to pursue energy policy

Posted on: June 17th, 2014 by rgadmin

Illinois has current legislation on renewal energy that sets aside a percentage of supply; that is, a percentage each year of the total energy used in Illinois must come from renewable (wind or solar) generation sources. However, the spirit of this program relies on the utilities passing through the costs of acquiring the renewable energy to their customers. Customer Choice, municipal aggregation, and the IPA itself changed how the utility acquires power for their customers (which is dwindling due to choice and municipalization). Therefore the current renewable legislation’s intent has been blunted.

solar panels

This effort seems to be another bite of the same apple. Renewable energy should be supported by open and competitive process and we are heartened to see that this legislation will be overseen by the ICC. Past legislative efforts have bypassed the ICC’s oversight and expertise in favor of the utilities (real-time metering) or municipalization (allowing towns to aggregate energy purchases).

Realgy owns 120 kw of solar energy in Illinois and invests annually in the creation of new renewable solar projects.

Read the whole Crain’s Chicago Business article, “Here comes the sun: Rooftop solar panels get jump-start in Illinois”.



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