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Tell Ameren to open up their natural gas service to Customer Choice

So Ameren wants you to believe that you are paying a “low” “stable” price for your natural gas. Well, if you compare their cost to the entire United States, they may have a point.

However, if you compare to your neighbor or local supplier you are paying more. That is; if your neighbor or business is with Realgy Energy Services.

Ameren is trying to retain its regulated monopoly position in natural gas by putting out these press releases saying; “we are AVERAGE!”.

So compare what happened in Illinois when electricity was opened to customer choice: the State of Illinois has saved $37 billion with Energy Choice; that’s compared to what you would have paid by staying with the utility (like Ameren, COMED, Peoples, etc).

Specifically Realgy Energy Services customers over the last 36 months have saved over 14.7% compared to Ameren; that is over $889.00.



Let them know you want the same choice for natural gas as you have for electricity. ICC contact info: Torsten Clausen, Director

So as Ameren promotes being average in the USA, you can look to be better and tell Ameren to open up their natural gas service to Customer Choice.



Read the full Ameren Media Release, “Ameren Illinois Customers will see natural gas prices lower than national average for a second year

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CUB warns of electricity market ‘rip-offs’

The Citizens Utility Board is an excellent watchdog organization. Their warnings and advice could not be more timely and on target.

Saving energy plays a significant role in saving the environment. When you use energy, you should know what it costs and that you are treated fairly.

There are two components to an energy agreement, price and terms. As the saying goes, what looks like a good deal is a good deal UNTIL it isn’t. This winter has certainly exposed the insider terms of energy marketers’ agreements and how cost recovery works for the utility.

In some cases, the energy suppliers provide “teaser rates” that are below utility rates but only last from 2-12 months. You are sure you will stay on top of it but time passes quickly and the next time you look at your bill, you could be paying two to three times the utility price. These “teaser rates” have a reset price that is purposely vague or that you cannot discover from any public information. Then when you want to cancel, it becomes a voice, logic, and perseverance test from the automated answering system.


As this year’s winter showed everyone that terms are important, a low rate is fine IF EVERYTHING is perfect, but that’s not the world we are in.

Realgy is proud of our price, our terms, and our customer service team. We know we offer tremendous value compared not only to the utility, but also to any other energy supplier in Illinois. In fact we put it in writing in our agreement; we call it ServiceMatchTM. It’s simple; we guarantee to beat or match any comparable proposal for your service.

Illinois is implementing real-time metering and municipalization so the complexity in energy purchases is built in. However, in our role as energy experts, Realgy offers energy service that delivers savings in an easily understandable manner as compared to the COMED or Ameren. Call our sales team today, and you’ll understand the difference.


Read the full Chicago Tribune article, “Watchdog warns of ‘rip-offs’ in electricity market

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COMPETITION WORKS; to the tune of $37 Billion

The State of Illinois is celebrating, not the ending of winter but the savings from energy deregulation.

Illinois consumers, including residential, commercial and industrials, saved a total of $37,000,000,000 as a result of opening electrical supply to competition.

Realgy Energy Service has been an alternative energy supplier in Ameren and COMED and our customer know the benefits of buying directly from Realgy.

I like the last line; “Competition works.” I guess if it didn’t we would all work for the Government, right comrade!

 Long Live Customer choice


Read the whole Compete Coalition article, “With $37B in consumer Savings, Illinois Results Deemed ‘Triumph of Market-Based Public policy’”


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Realgy Energy Services Now Offering Electricity Services to All Illinois Customers



At their customers’ request Realgy Energy Services is now serving all Illinois electricity markets.

The president of Realgy, Michael Vrtis announced that the Illinois Commerce Commission has given authorization to extend service to residential customers in the Commonwealth Edison service territory. Realgy has also been approved to start serving all customers in the Ameren Illinois, MidAmerican Energy, and Mt. Carmel Public Utility. Realgy was previously authorized to service only retail commercial accounts.

“Our expansion in the ComEd residential electric market as well our entry into the Ameren, MidAmerican Energy, and Mt. Carmel Public Utility markets is the next logical step in Realgy’s plans to expand service to our customers in the Illinois market,” said Vrtis. “It’s the perfect complement to our existing Illinois gas services in the Nicor, Peoples, and North Shore markets. This expansion will give our customers a chance to save money on both their natural gas and electric. In addition, we will be expanding our Solar and Green Energy division, already established in Indiana, into the state of Illinois.”

Realgy Energy Services is an energy marketer serving retail and residential customers in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. They have been serving Illinois customers beginning in 2004; since that time they have had a perfect record (certified A+) with the Better Business Bureau; and have been recognized as an Inc 500 company in 2011 and 2012.

Realgy, LLC
Michael Vrtis
675 Oakwood Avenue
West Hartford, CT


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