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Realgy Energy Services is a retail energy marketer providing natural gas and electricity services.

For November 2023, Realgy’s ManagedPrice™ is $0.4259/ccf.

For a sample customer with the usage of 1,200 ccf/Yr, the comparison of Realgy’s price to Columbia Gas of Ohio service is +$57.29 over the last 12 months.

For November 2023, Realgy’s ManagedPrice™ is -$0.0705/ccf compared to Columbia Gas of Ohio’s price.

Under Columbia Gas of Ohio you have a choice for your energy purchase and we know that saving you money and providing you service is how we will earn your business. Our customer retention is over 98%.

Our Service Plan: Realgy ManagedPrice™ offers the advantage of locally priced gas, your choice to convert to fixed price, personal Account Management, Online information access and flexibility to move to any Service Plan to better meet your needs.

Columbia Gas of Ohio participated in creating Ohio Gas Choice to ensure all their customers had the option of choosing a competitive gas supply. Realgy Energy Services is licensed or approved by the state of Ohio and PUCO (Public Utility Commission of Ohio). We are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Enrollment is straight forward. Call with a copy of your latest bill at 877-300-6747.

You can be enrolled over the phone or complete our one-page agreement, your billing will continue with Columbia Gas of Ohio while your natural gas and services listed below will be provided by Realgy Energy Services.

Enrollment with Realgy Energy Services includes the following services:
-Confirmation from Columbia Gas
-Enrollment into Realgy’s ManagedPriceTM
No cost
-During Review Period or at Agreement Term
No cost
Review Period
-Right to cancel or rescind enrollment WITHOUT any cost or obligation
10 days AFTER Welcome Letter
Agreement Term 24 months with a monthly reporting fee of $2.50 - $8.75
Price Comparison

A comparison of Realgy’s Service Plan, ManagedPriceTM as compared to the Columbia Gas default service

Ohio Columbia Gas Price Comparison November 2023
Early Termination Final Balancing
Switching Service Plans
-Any available plan including the following:
ManagedPriceTM or Fixed Price
No cost
Enrollment in Storage Program Not available
Enrollment in PriceWatchTM No cost
Online access with RealgyOfficeTM No cost
Dedicated Account Broker No cost
ServiceMatchTM No Cost
Personal customer service 7:30AM-4:30PM EST M-F
Service Agreement Request
Distribution utility and State regulation
Distribution Utility Columbia Gas of Ohio
Regulatory Body Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO)