PRESS RELEASE 1 September 2012 | By: Realgy, LLC

British Petroleum (BP) will be the primary supply of Realgy Energy Services natural gas and electricity.

The president of Realgy, Michael Vrtis and the VP of Operations Doug Gugino, have announced that Realgy Energy Services has become a BP preferred supplier. This means that BP will become Realgy’s primary supplier of natural gas and electricity allowing Realgy to expand their pricing offers for existing and new customers. Entry into new markets will also be accelerated to better serve customers.

“Doug and I are very pleased to announce that Realgy has become a preferred supplier with BP,” said Vrtis “Becoming a preferred supplier to BP allows Realgy to join a very limited group. This offer was only made possible due to the work laid down in establishing Realgy, and will only be maintained by the decisions we make every day in providing service for our customers.”

BP is an international company with many subsidiaries, Realgy works closely with BP North America and BP Canada. BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies, providing fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemical products for everyday items.

Realgy, LLC DBA Realgy Energy Services was founded in 1999 by individuals who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies and energy marketers. Within these organizations they saw the limitations of the systems and software. Today Realgy Energy Services is an energy supplier in three deregulated states Michigan, Indiana and Illinois with plans to expand.

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