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Conformance with Realgy’s policy PROHIBITS the use of an “Automated Telephone Dialing System” (ATDS) calling land line or cellular numbers without the expressed written consent of the called party.

  1. Robo Calls are not utilized by salespeople. Pre-Recorded Messages (“Press 1”, etc.) of any kind to generate inbound calls or played prior to an agent picking up are not utilized.
  2. Authorized Scripts are utilized verbatim, or options are reviewed and have written approval to be used.
  3. The National Do Not Call (DNC) List is updated. Prospects lists have been scrubbed against DNC and internal DNC is utilized. Realgy will NOT accept submission of a New Contract that has not been scrubbed online at Realgy’s SalesPortal.
  4. Realgy Caller ID name is utilized.
  5. A list of all phone numbers to be used is submitted. TPVs require the Agent phone number to be on an approved list.
  6. Usage of any third-party contractors or outsourcing or contracting of sales to another company has received written approval from Realgy.
  7. Refunds, Rebates, and Rewards Programs of Gift Cards for any Realgy Energy offer is not utilized.
  8. No second sales (outbound marketing soliciting inbound calls) conducted without written approval by Realgy. If a customer is contacted regarding an alternative product and is asked if they are interested in an energy offer, customer must respond “Yes” before being transferred to a Realgy representative.
  9. The sales process including the use of any dialer and its setting have been submitted and approved.
  10. Dialer logs of all phone calls made or received in service are provided to Realgy.
  11. Sales Verification Process: Realgy transcribes and reviews all submitted sales recordings. Verification identifies common attributes of valid sales requests where the customer has later claimed or provided evidence of misrepresentation (such as a $50 Amazon gift card was promised) or fraud (customer did not authorize enrollment). Sales recordings submitted where the Verification process identifies non-approved characteristics will be labeled as a disputed sales recording. Disputed sales recording characteristics are as follows:
    • Common or repetitive answers to every question/explanation in the sales script.
    • The customer asks NO questions (such as “What is storage?”) or makes NO statements (such as “I don’t understand.”) other than common repetitive responses.
    • The agent talks so fast and nearly illegibly followed by common or repetitive responses.