Written by Michael Vrtis, President of Realgy Energy Services in response to the Forbes article Local Communities on a Continent of Cheap Natural Gas

So what does having an abundant source of fuel (in our case, natural gas) within our own country mean?

In a word, business! The article points out some of the industries that could directly benefit from having large natural gas reserves. These industries will take notice and manufacturer planning will develop. But the impact is well beyond just a few industries.

Consider the following benefits;

  • In the competitive business world, a $0.10 edge is huge. However consider a $2.00 edge. That is the equivalent advantage that local natural gas production provides.
  • Local natural gas prices are not tied to the price of oil. That is, oil prices can vary without ANY impact on local natural gas costs/prices.
  • Natural gas had been previously piped thousands of miles (albeit efficiently, as pipe line operations are very efficient) but that cost would then cease.
  • Planning for long-term commitments; the natural gas field has a 100-year production life with current technology (let alone what will be developed).
  • Its emissions are much cleaner than oil.

Responsible development of our natural resources is imperative. The benefit will have a more reaching effect.

Check out the Forbes article: Local Communities on a Continent of Cheap Natural Gas