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Regulatory disclosure 412.115

Service will be provided by Realgy, LLC dba Realgy Energy Services located at 675 Oakwood Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110. Realgy can be contacted during business hours from 8 AM-5PM EST: Toll Free 877-300-6747, directly at 860-233-2270 x1000, or on our website

Realgy’s electric service in Illinois is ManagedPriceTM, a variable price supply that buys on behalf of our customers using a combination of benchmark day ahead and real-time Locational Marginal Price (LMP) and fixed pricing through the ISO (PJM or MISO). In addition, you will be charged any and all market costs including settlement charges, supplier switching charges or supply charges caused by, assessed or collected by your utility or Seller’s electric suppliers that are billed to Realgy for your electric supply. Please refer to contract for additional details including on real-time pricing. Realgy’s supply charge replaces the supply charge from the utility. Price history comparing ManagedPriceTM to the utility supply cost is available on our website or at our toll-free number. Realgy’s pricing, like the utilities, changes monthly.

A fixed monthly charge of $3.75/meter will be added monthly. The fixed charge affects low energy customer’s energy charge as follows. Example of $0.05/kWh monthly energy price. Your total energy charge based on your monthly usage would be:


Energy Charge $/kWh




The initial term is to April following 24-months of service. Price after initial term continues as a variable price and adjusts monthly as previously described. Variable including time-of-use. The variable rate may go up or down and the rate may be higher or lower than the electric utility’s rate during any given period.

If you terminate the contract prior to the end of a term or if Realgy terminates the contract as a result of nonpayment, breach, or because of false, inaccurate, or misleading information, you will be charged market related losses by Realgy in settling or balancing any quantity of a customer’s portion of supply cost. Example of market related losses: Realgy has purchased a fixed price position for 20 months and included your usage. The settlement cost would be the difference between the fixed price purchase price and current market price. Fixed price is $0.04 and at time of early termination, market price is $0.05 the settlement cost would be $0.01 times your forecasted usage. Additional information is in your full contract and at

Your contract will renew automatically. You will receive notification of any changes to the terms, conditions, or pricing of service between 30 and 60 days prior to the renewal of the current term.

You have a right to rescind (stop) your enrollment within 10 calendar days after your utility has received your order to switch suppliers. You also have the right to terminate the contract without any termination fee or penalty if you contact us at within 10 business days after the date of your first bill with charges from Realgy Energy Services. You may call us at 877-300-6747 or your utility Ameren at (800) 232-2477 or ComEd at 800-334-7661 to rescind.

This is a sales solicitation and the seller is Realgy Energy Services, an independent retail electric supplier.  If you enter into a contract with the seller, you will be changing your retail electric supplier.  The seller is not endorsed by, representing, or acting on behalf of a utility, utility program, governmental body, governmental program, consumer group, or consumer group program.

If you have any questions or concerns about this sales solicitation, you may contact the Illinois Commerce Commission’s Consumer Services Division at 800-524-0795.  For information about the electric supply price of your utility and offers from other retail electric suppliers please visit