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Signing Realgy’s Agreement as the customer is forgery with the intent to defraud Realgy and our business partners. Submitting it to Realgy is attempting to deceive, commit fraud and larceny.

If you as the agent sign for a customer, the following are consequences you could face:


You Signed the Customer Signature: this is Forgery

  1. You committed fraud on Realgy.
  2. Realgy relied on the forged Agreement and submitted to the Utility; this is fraud on the Utility.
  3. You received payment for your act of fraud which is larceny against Realgy.
  4. The customer switched to Realgy without their knowledge and could pay more than if they stayed with the Utility; larceny against the customer.
  5. The customer suffered pain and suffering because of the fraud; damages to the customer.

Getting Caught

  1. Customer will receive letters from Realgy and Utility informing them of their enrollment. This starts the inquiry:
    1. Customer call to the Utility will confirm change.
    2. Customer call to Realgy will confirm change.
  • Customer denies ever signing. This will start a preliminary investigation:
    1. Agreement will be reviewed.
    2. Your Agency will be called to investigate.
      • You as the Agent will be questioned.
      • ALL neighbors, camera networks, co-workers and previous submitted customers by the agent and agency will be investigated.
    3. Customer will receive the results of the preliminary investigations and will be informed of their rights. The next actions can include:
      1. Call the police. Charges to be investigated; forgery, larceny and fraud.
      2. Complaint to Regulatory Agency, State Attorney office, utility, etc. Any of these will initiate an investigation.
      3. Hire a lawyer; this will cause demand on Realgy, Utility or State Regulatory Agency to investigate or make remediation.
      4. Complaint to any social media platform.

Any of these actions can result in the Penalties shown below.


  1. Realgy cooperates with police in providing all known contact and company information. Realgy collaborates charges of fraud and larceny.
  2. Utility brings charges of fraud.
  3. Regulatory agency brings penalties against Realgy, Agent’s company and Agent.
  4. Customer will bring charges of fraud, larceny and damages.
    1. Customer is protected by State consumer protection laws which allow for damages to be collected.
    2. Customer could bring civil charges of pain, suffering to collect damages

You Will Stand Alone

  1. Realgy sales and marketing practice does not tolerate fraud; we will support prosecution against you.
  2. Your Agency signed Realgy’s sales and marketing practices; requires them to support prosecution against you.
  3. Police will arrest you.
  4. The Utility, Regulatory Agencies, Consumer Protection and Customer can all pursue a claim against you.