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Reversing Emissions-Reducing Lightbulb Energy Efficiency Standards

President George W. Bush’s administration implemented energy standards to phase out high energy usage light bulbs. Obama’s administration was set to finalize that legislation in January 2020 to include specialty bulbs becoming more energy efficient. Trump’s administration wants to undo these regulations. Not only would this encourage consumers to spend more money on bulbs with lower life expectancies, it would increase their bills due to less energy efficient products and increase carbon dioxide emissions. If regulations are reversed, they will be challenged.

Realgy Energy Services is a registered Retail Energy Marketer in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We offer Service Plans that will provide electric and natural gas at wholesale pricing direct to customers without any utility markup. Our Service Plans work with the local utility to provide seamless service and annual energy savings. Service Plans include Guaranteed SavingsTM, ManagedPriceTM, ManagedGreenTM Index, Fixed and PriceAssuranceTM.

Realgy owns and operates 7 solar plants in Illinois and is looking to invest in additional locations.

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Illinois Commerce Commission order a victory for solar, advocates say

Illinois passed the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) which you will hear about for some time. The act will be creating jobs in the renewable energy field to power Illinois’ future. However, the law was challenged and the Illinois Commerce Commission has proposed changes to allow the benefits to be reserved for in-state residents equally. (more…)

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Are Smart Thermostats Worth The Investment?

With technology advancing so quickly these days, there are many options for consumers to make daily tasks more efficient. Whether homeowners are building a new space or upgrading amenities, it has become popular to use a digital thermostat. Programmable thermostats are more common and have proven useful but smart thermostats are on the rise. (more…)

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