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Realgy Settlement with IAG


Realgy Settlement with IAG


Realgy Energy Services recently settled an investigation with the Illinois Attorney General (IAG) over allegations of non-compliance with consumer protection laws.

The IAG investigation stemmed from a TV report and a unique Realgy offer; Guaranteed Savings below the utility. Realgy is the only energy marketer in Illinois that guarantees its energy rate will be below the utility. The investigation covered 7 years, the entire time Realgy Energy Services provided service to residential customers in Illinois.

The result, Realgy provided savings per below:

Utility Savings Energy Savings ($)
NICOR, Peoples and North Shore Yes Over $300,000
Ameren Yes Over $400,000
ComEd Yes Over $110,000


Michael Vrtis of Realgy Energy Services stated, “The investigation looked at our energy costs paid by the customer compared to what the customer would’ve paid for the utility’s cost each month during the 7 years we served residential customers. Customer savings resulted from the fact that Realgy’s energy costs were on average less than the utility.”

So, Realgy saved Illinois customers money.

However, Realgy reached a settlement with the IAG to refund $181,000 to ComEd customers. Again, Michael Vrtis, “Yes, even though our energy costs were less during this time, we had a high turnover of customers. The resulting early termination fees paid by these customers when added to the savings brought the total costs to ComEd customers above the utility.”

Realgy acknowledged the IAG findings in agreeing to the refund as its goal is to provide savings as compared to the utility costs. “The IAG conducted a fair review of Realgy’s practices and we agreed to the refund and to changes already made to our sales practices like eliminating door to door enrollments and monitoring our sales agents more closely,” stated Michael Vrtis. The IAG assembled a list of transgressions they uncovered during their investigation of many other energy marketers. The list was included in the settlement even though Realgy was already in compliance with them.

Realgy reported that the bulk of the refunded amount of $100,704.06 will go to 1,871 existing customers and the remainder to clients that were served by Realgy between January 2012 and January 2019. The average refund is $36.60.

Realgy, LLC

Michael Vrtis, President

675 Oakwood Avenue

West Hartford, CT




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Illinois Natural Gas Services

If you live or work in Illinois, your local utility offers a CHOICE program supported by the Illinois Commerce Commission, in which you may voluntarily elect to have your natural gas or electricity provided by a supplier other than your local utility!

Realgy Energy Services serves natural gas and electric customers in the following utility markets of Illinois.


  • Nicor Gas: Customer Select
  • North Shore Gas: Choices For You
  • Peoples Gas: Choices For You


  • Ameren: Electric Choice
  • ComEd: Customer Choice
  • MidAmerican: Customer Choice

Call today to find out how Realgy can save you money on your natural gas and electricity bills!


SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”48″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”48″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”48″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”48″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”48″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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North Shore

SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”56″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”56″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”56″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”56″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”56″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”49″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”49″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”49″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”49″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”49″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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Ameren (Electric)

SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”57″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”57″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”57″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”57″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”57″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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ComEd (Electric)

SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”53″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”53″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”53″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”53″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”53″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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MidAmerican (Electric)

SAVINGS CREATED: [getUtilFieldMoney ldc_id=”58″ field=”savings”]
with usage of : [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”58″ field=”savings_usage”]
Commercial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”58″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Industrial: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”58″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]
Residential: [getUtilFieldValue ldc_id=”58″ field=”default_service_plan” default=”N/A”]

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