In December 2021 attorney Ryan D. Watstein of KABAT CHAPMAN & OZMER LLP filed a brief before the US Supreme Court. The U.S. Department of Justice opposed our petition last month.  Last week Ryan filed a reply in support of the petition.

The likelihood of the brief being decided on by the Supreme Court is less than 5%.

We should know in the next few weeks whether the court will pick this case for its calendar this year.

The case started as a complaint against Realgy by the plaintiff about receiving a sales call that he felt violated a law. The initial case was dismissed due to a change in law that exempted calls during this period. However, court overturned the ruling on appeal. The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether the Government can advocate speech for certain people but impose crushing liabilities on others. This case against Realgy will be decided. However, the issue of free speech the appeal court ruled on could be used to have chilling effects against political opponents. And, as we have seen over the last several years, if it’s possible, it will be tried.

Realgy is proud that Ryan pursued the case and has defended all our liberties.

Realgy Energy Services is a registered Retail Energy Marketer in the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We offer Service Plans that will provide electric and natural gas at wholesale pricing direct to customers without any utility markup. Our Service Plans work with the local utility to provide seamless service and annual energy savings. Service Plans include Guaranteed SavingsTM, ManagedPriceTM, ManagedGreenTM Index, Fixed and PriceAssuranceTM.

Realgy owns and operates 7 solar plants in Illinois and is looking to invest in additional locations.

Additional Information:

Realgy, LLC, Petitioner v Roberta Lindenbaum, et al | 21-866 | Court Records – UniCourt

Realgy, LLC, Petitioner v. Roberta Lindenbaum, et al. (

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