You’ll never hear us whine about the weather

Posted on: February 10th, 2014 by rgadmin

Written by Michael Vrtis, President of Realgy Energy Services in response to the Chicago Tribune articleFeel free to whine over one of the worst Chicago winters in decades

Raised as a Chicagoan, I recall blizzards that closed schools for weeks requiring trains to haul the snow out of the city! Of course my kids then look at me and ask about what covered wagons were like.


We were the Windy City and when the “hawk” was out, you had to bundle up. We were proud of being the city that worked hard and then worked harder when it was below zero.

The last few winters certainly have allowed us to think global warming was eliminating such winters. However, this winter will be the first winter in at least 10 years that will finish with average temperatures below normal for each month of winter (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and Mar). During winter, especially winters such as this year, it’s important to be prepared for storms at your home, car, and place of business.

Realgy’s experience goes back to the last time winter weather was this extreme. That is why we have all three services in place; 1) a low ManagedPriceTM or NYMEX+ rate that is consistently below the utilities price, 2) storage gas service that makes possible winter gas use at summer gas prices, and 3) our PriceWatchTM service where our traders recommend fixed prices prior to the season (for 6 of the last 7 years this recommendation has been below the average seasonal price).

Realgy prepares for such storms every season. Our preparation is demonstrated by our consistently lower prices that you can rely on.

And, you’ll never hear us whine about the weather.

Check out the article in The Chicago Tribune: “Feel free to whine over one of the worst Chicago winters in decades

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