Save Water, Save Energy

Posted on: March 17th, 2014 by rgadmin

Water heaters are not something you ordinarily think about much. Count me as one who does not dwell on such things, but there is a company that does take them seriously and it’s starting to build a product that appears superior to what is currently available.

I am excited when engineering, hard work, and combine as effectively as they have on this product called MODEL1

MODEL1 by Heatworks

MODEL1 by Heatworks

Water heaters use a lot of energy and a lot of cool water is wasted before hot water arrives where you use it. This product looks to solve those two problems, without creating new ones!

To be transparent, I will say that Realgy is not an investor and has no interest in this product other than as a customer.

We plan to install one in our building as soon as we receive it. I promise to keep you updated on its performance.

Additional press is at Nikkei Asian Review “And the most promising green technologies of 2014 are…


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