Realgy Energy Services Illinois ManagedGreen™ is a competitive price for retail electric service available to residential customers served by Commonwealth Edison.  ManagedGreen™ supplies your electricity by supporting renewable sources of generation such as solar, wind and hydro (water).

The premium paid for supporting renewable electric generation is small ($0.0035/kWh) to our lowest ManagedPrice™ price offering.  The net result is a small savings compared to service with ComEd.  The real benefits are to your health and environment.


  • Your energy will be generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro (water).
  • Your energy price fluctuates monthly and historically is below ComEd.
  • Your energy purchases are actively managed to secure a lower cost.


1. Compared to the average Illinois coal based generation:

  • 29,295 lbs of coal/year NOT burned to generate electricity.
    • 7,595 lbs of CO2 NOT emitted.
    • No sulphur, lead or waste emissions.
    • 29 fewer trucks on the road.
  • Equivalent of 584 trees planted.

2. Small annual savings compared to the utility.

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