Rebuttal to False Slander

Posted on: March 23rd, 2018 by rgadmin

Realgy and Michael Vrtis of Realgy are being slandered by April Peebles. We believe the issues are self-evident if you compare Realgy’s 20 year history to Team Marketing or April Peebles. However, we have been advised to respond.

Realgy signed a representation Agreement with Team Marketing USA represented by April Peebles.

April Peebles represented herself as a broker for other contact centers.

The contact center Team Marketing used under the Agreement was: KRAYON BPO SERVICES PVT LTD (OPC)

The 30+ deals they submitted complied with Realgy’s quality controls we have in place.

Team Marketing was paid according to the Agreement.

Team Marketing’s Agreement was terminated for cause as she violated the terms of the Agreement. After she was terminated, April began to threaten and abuse Realgy’s employees and Michael Vrtis.

Realgy has been contacted by Bala Rao of KRAYON who informed us that they were paid a fraction of the deals they submitted and received no accounting.

Realgy offers chances to individuals who address past grievances against themselves or their company. Unfortunately, in this case Realgy was misled as Team Marketing and April Peebles appear to repeated their past business failures.


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