Illinois has $400 million in rate-hikes coming

Posted on: March 21st, 2014 by rgadmin

Citizens Utility Board is a public advocates’ group for Illinois rate payers. Their interest is to hold utilities accountable and help oversee the costs they charge are fair, reasonable and necessary for public service.

Realgy supports CUB in holding utilities accountable that their rates increase only to cover the costs of this winter’s prices.

Realgy, unlike the utilities, has already accounted for this winter’s costs. Realgy’s prices are historically below the utilities.


Breaking news:

*In the wake of one of Illinois’ worst winters ever, CUB is now juggling more than $400 million in rate-hike appeals: $340 million for ComEd, $57 million for Peoples Gas, $6.6 million for North Shore Gas.

*If that weren’t enough, Peoples and North Shore Gas just announced $136 million in NEW rate hikes.

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