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Background on Natural Gas

Background on Electricity

Background on Natural Gas

Natural gas is an odorless fossil fuel found in many places in the United States, from oil fields to shale rock formations. Natural gas is cleaned and compressed prior to distribution, making it cleaner burning and easier to transport.

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Natural gas flame

Gas Conversion and Comparison

Energy Equivalents

1 Cubic foot of natural gas = approximately 1,000 BTU

100 Ccf (100 Cu. Ft.) of natural gas = approximately 100,000 BTU

1 Therm = 100,000 BTU

10 Therms = 1 Dekatherm

1 Dekatherm = 1,000,000 BTU = 1 MMBTU

1 Mcf (1,000 cu. ft.) of natural gas = 1,000,000 BTU

1 Mcf = 1 Dekatherm

1 BCF = 1 billion cubic feet of natural gas

1 Gallon of #2 fuel oil = approximately 140,000 BTU

1 Gallon of Propane = approximately 91,500 BTU

1 Kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity = 3,412 BTU

293 kWh of electricity = 1,000,000 BTU

1 Bushel of corn = approximately 314,000 BTU

1 Gallon of ethanol = approximately 76,100 BTU

1 Gallon of gasoline = approximately 114,100 BTU

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Background on Electricity

Electricity is created or generated by a variety of sources which include; wind turbines, solar panels, coal, nuclear and natural gas. Electricity is measured in Amps or current, and is converted to a higher voltage by a transformer. Work is a measure of the amount of Amps used at a Voltage. The measure of watts is power.

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Electricity Conversion and comparison

Energy Equivalents

1 watt = is a very small amount of power, roughly the energy it takes to lift a 1 pound weight 1 foot

1 kilowatt hour (kWh) = 1,000 watts or a 100 watt light bulb on for 10 hours

1 Megawatt hour (MWh) = is equal to 1 million watts or 1,000 kWh

The Average US household uses = 11,280 kWh (2011 average annual electric consumption)

The average US coal power plant produces = 231,000,000,000 kWh (231 billion)

The average US nuclear power plant produces = 790,000,000,000 kWh (790 billion)

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