New Ideas in Lighting Get Closer to Market

Posted on: May 13th, 2014 by rgadmin

So for the last 100 years humans have had two types of light sources: natural daylight and incandescent light from the ubiquitous light bulb (there has been only one type).

Today we still have natural daylight and we still have the light bulb, but we now have choices about the light bulb!


The Finally Light Bulb Company Debuts First Ever Acandescent(TM) Light Bulb. Credit: Finally Light Bulb Company

Bowing to efficiency, the US Government (along with other governments) has banned the sale of the original incandescent light bulb technology.

In its place are technologies that provide light and do so much more efficiently but the light “quality” is a little different (we will all learn about the light spectrum). Some people are complaining about this change in “quality.” We will get over it in due course.

Replacing something so commonplace will, of course, be met with resistance; consider how energy choice was first received! But this innovation and the accompanying options will be exciting and beneficial.

This Times article highlights two new light bulbs! Think about that; after 100 years of only one kind of light bulb, we will now have some five different competing technologies all to do the same thing…only better.

Long live change.

Realgy Energy Service is bringing change; we recently opened up electric choice to MidAmerican Electric in Illinois. We are the first energy marketer authorized to serve this utility market.


Read the whole NY Times article New Ideas in Lighting Get Closer to Market


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