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Illinois customers of MidAmerican Energy (MEC) can now participate in the Illinois Electric Selection Program. The idea is simple. MidAmerican no longer generates all their own electricity. MEC buys the majority of its power in the wholesale market. MEC’s Customer Choice tariff allows you to buy from a wholesale energy marketer WITHOUT any markup from MEC. The result has been savings for Illinois consumers; an estimated $37,000,000,000 (37 Billion dollars) due to electric competition http://realgyenergyservices.com/how-to-compare-realgys-price-to-midamericans-price-and-billing/ .

Offering customer’s direct access to the wholesale supply allows competition to set the price instead of regulators. MEC’s monopoly service continues, MEC remains the monopoly provider for delivering the power and maintaining the distribution grid (no change to these costs).

Your option for MEC’s service: default tariff or Customer Choice tariff – differences highlighted below.

MEC electric choice
What happens if I cancel service?
You are placed back onto MidAmerican’s default service and rates within 60 days.

Will I save money?electric choice chart
As you know, past performance is no guarantee of future results. However, if nothing changes, the savings won’t either. Remember, we track MEC’s cost monthly and can provide you a comparison between MEC’s default and customer choice at any time.

We KNOW we have to BEAT MEC to keep you as a customer.

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